• Congrats on your new home, hope your neighbors aren't cunts

  • Change is good

  • No we will not help you move

  • Please pass on my sympathies to your new neighbors

  • Good riddance, bitch

  • Instead of cleaning my house, I'm just moving to another

  • Closeness has nothing to do with distance

  • Sorry, busy, can't help you pack

  • Moving was a great idea until I started packing

  • Out of state, but not out of mind

  • We bet you wish you didn't have so much shit

  • You know you'll miss me

  • I may not be there with you, but I'll be there for you

  • Moving is easy.. said no one ever

  • Lookout {state moving to}, here he/she comes

  • See ya later, alligator

  • New state, who dis?

  • No you cannot come visit us

  • No you cannot come back and visit us

  • Hate to see you go, love to watch you leave

  • Moving sucks

  • Where's the Fairy Godmother when you need help moving

  • You're 1 stack of shit way from being on hoarders

  • Don't ask us to help you pack


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