• You're one tough cookie

  • At least you don't have to wear a cone

  • I wish I could take your pain & give it to someone we hate

  • That's one way to get attention

  • At least it's not herpes

  • Sorry you feel like shit

  • Some people will do anything to get out of work

  • Wishing you hugs and effective drugs

  • Get well soon so I can stop being so nice

  • Germs find you irresistable

  • I'm so glad you're sick and not me

  • You're so much more than your diagnosis

  • Get better so we can hang out again

  • Sorry your sick day is due to actual sickness

  • Get better - being sick sucks

  • Laughter is the best medicine! (Except for treating diarrhea)

  • Do you feel as shitty as you look?

  • Keep your germs to yourself

  • Get well soon, I NEED YOU

  • You sure you're not a hypochondriac?

  • Your illness is robbing me of attention

  • If I told you to “get well soon,” it wouldn't be soon enough

  • Shit, that must've hurt

  • Laughter is the best medicine.. or vodka - whatever

  • Hope it's not an STD

  • I hope this cookie makes you feel less crappy

  • Get well soon, {name/nickname}

  • Strong as a mother

  • I'm sorry you feel shitty

  • Hang in there

  • Well, shit

  • At least it's not herpes..

  • Could be worse.. you could be ugly

  • Can I sign your cast?

  • Sorry you feel like shit

  • Laughter is the best medicine, but I'd rather have {whatever you'd like}

  • At least you're not dead

  • Life is tough, but so are you

  • Get well so we can make fun of you again & not feel bad

  • I know you wanted time off work, but this was extreme

  • Stop milkin' it

  • Bounce back, bitch

  • Feel better, faker

  • Enjoy the attention while it lasts


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