• It's hard to stay six feet from you

  • Don't touch me

  • As emotionally stable as an Ikea table

  • 2020 is cool, said no one ever!

  • Can't believe we yelled Happy New Year for this shit

  • The only thing I've gained in 2020 is weight

  • If you can read this, back the fuck up

  • Coronacoaster: one day you're sane, the next you're not

  • 2020 is the best year yet, said no one ever!

  • I'd like to unsubscribe from this year

  • I need to social distance from the kitchen - I tested positive for fat ass

  • Wearing a mask is no excuse to stop brushing your teeth

  • This year is being written by Stephen King

  • Quarantini: drinking a martini alone in your house

  • Lets party like its 2019

  • What day is it?

  • What a fucking year this has been

  • What's scarier? Taking your temp or stepping on a scale?

  • I finished Netflix today

  • When this is over, invite me everywhere

  • So you're not a natural blonde

  • Corona.. she's a real bitch isn't she

  • Alright Covid, wrap it up

  • Cuomosexual

  • It's too peopley in here

  • COVID-19 is a massive cock block

  • Living my best quarantine life

  • Spread love, not germs

  • Go wash your hands

  • Home is where your ass should be

  • Blow jobs cure corona

  • Can we go back to 2019?

  • Sorry the world's being a dick

  • I thought I'd miss you more

  • I was social distancing before it was a thing

  • Wash your hands, you filthy animal

  • Cover your mouth when you sneeze {cough}

  • Stay the fuck away from me

  • Stay the fuck home

  • Don't cough on me

  • Get a fucking haircut

  • Fuck you COVID-19

  • Back up, asshole

  • Zoom 2020

  • COVID-19 world tour

  • I can't, I'm social distancing

  • Birthday in quarantine 2020

  • Staying in is the new going out

  • Quarantine queen

  • I'd kiss you if I could

  • Social distancing with my {pet}

  • Quarantine sucks without you


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