• I'd rather stay home with my {pet}

  • Pet my pussy.. I mean my cat

  • My cat is purrrfect

  • All I care about is my {pet} and maybe three people

  • People < {pet}

  • {Pets name} is my best friend

  • I love you, {pets name}

  • Sorry, I can't, I have plans with my {pet}

  • Happy Adoptiversary

  • Who saved who?

  • Dogs before dudes

  • My {pet} thinks I'm cool

  • Be the person your {pet} thinks you are

  • My {pet} is cuter than your {pet}

  • I'm only talking to my {pet} today

  • My {pet} thinks I'm cool

  • I'm just here to pet the dogs

  • Tell your {pet} I say hi

  • Promoted to {pet} mommy

  • Promoted to {pet} daddy

  • List of people I like: dogs.

  • I woof you

  • Ask me about my dog

  • If you don't have a {pet} you don't understand

  • I work hard to my {pet} can have a better life

  • My dog ate my homework

  • I'd introduce you to my {pet}

  • This isn't working, my {pet} doesn't like you

  • My best conversations are with my {pet}

  • My {pet} and I have so much in common

  • My {pet} is the best listener

  • I don't care who dies in the movie, as long as the dog lives

  • OCD: Obsessive Canine Disorder

  • Hold on, let me ask my {pet}

  • If my {pet} can't come, I'm out

  • Adopt don't shop

  • Trust me, I'm a dogtor

  • Fur momma

  • Fur dad

  • Life is short, don't be without a {pet}

  • {Pets} make the world a better place

  • Never trust a person who doesn't love {pets}

  • {Pets} make me happy

  • Home is where your {pet} is

  • Dog hair, don't care

  • My {pet} likes me, who cares what anyone else thinks

  • You can't buy love, but you can rescue it

  • Oh for the love of dog

  • Thank God my {pet} can't talk, they know too much

  • If I can't bring my {pet}, I'm not going

  • My {pet} will be in my wedding

  • Life goal: never be without a {pet}




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