just because

  • Morally questionable


  • Congrats on not getting a venereal disease

  • As emotionally stable as an Ikea table

  • In fuck, marry, vote off the island - I'd {blank} you

  • You’re the shit

  • I call it 'keeping it real'

  • I used to be indecisive, now I'm not sure

  • If you're happy & you know it, it's your meds!

  • Ringmaster of the shit show

  • I'm not crying, you're crying

  • Big. Dick. Energy.

  • Get a bucket and a mop, that's some wet ass pussy

  • I'm emotionally constipated, I haven't given a shit in days

  • Big dick energy is the only big dick you have

  • You have big dick energy, but a small penis

  • If you're going to be salty, bring tequila.

  • 100% that bitch

  • You’re my favorite fucking person

  • It's a beautiful day to get fucked up

  • You're doing amazing, sweetie

  • I'm so lucky people can't hear what I'm thinking

  • Knowing you makes me cool

  • I'm never drinking again

  • Stay Badass

  • I've got 99 problems, but you ain't one

  • We love you more than you love {whatever they love}

  • Weird flex, but okay

  • You're the tits

  • You're so hot

  • You my homeslice

  • Everything is a dildo if you're brave enough

  • Be cool, don't be all uncool

  • Make America Exotic Again

  • The sun is high, & so am I

  • Hey girl, you got this

  • This shit is bananas

  • You slay all day

  • Fucker.




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