• Your penis is below average

  • HOEly Shit

  • I'm sorry, did I just roll my eyes out loud

  • Kindly fuck off

  • You're the human version of a tramp stamp

  • Unimpressed

  • Stop being so thirsty

  • Mr. Rogers would be disappointed in you

  • Chew with your mouth closed

  • Shut your mouth before I fuck it

  • Life's a garden, & you're a hoe

  • See you next Tuesday

  • You're too old to TikTok

  • Shhh, no one cares

  • I faked it

  • I'm not insulting you, I'm describing you

  • Your breath smells like shit

  • Stop overthinking

  • Yuck Fou

  • You annoy the shit out of me

  • No one cares.

  • Dear asshole..

  • From the bottom of my heart, fuck you

  • I dislike you less than most

  • You're not an influencer

  • No one cares about your workout

  • You're a douche

  • You're a drunk

  • Jesus loves you, but I think you're a dick

  • Your asshole tastes like shit

  • You’re a tool

  • 7 billion people & U R the biggest asshole

  • Eat your fucking cookie

  • Leave me alone

  • Are you fucking kidding me

  • Stop texting me

  • No one cares that you're {gluten/dairy} free

  • My middle finger salutes you

  • Tell someone who cares

  • Stop including me in your group texts

  • Eat a bag of dicks

  • You make my penis soft

  • You make my pussy dry


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